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50 mile ride on the new wheels this morning, and all went well.  They're quiet and like riding on glass.  Jean

If you’re ever considering custom wheels, or any wheels, for that matter, I really recommend Casey Ford from KB Wheels. I started talking with him because I couldn’t get the hub/rim combo I wanted on a stock wheelset; he convinced me that this combination was a better choice (Boyd Altamont Lite aluminum rims with Powertap G3 and 20/24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes).  And it’s beautiful!  Eric

Casey, I was able to get the tandem out for 2.5 hours on Tuesday.  The wheel worked perfectly.  I also took it Wednesday for a little over an hour.  Thanks for taking good care of me.  Hope to see you on the trails.  Dale

Hi Casey, I hope you had a great fourth of July. I just wanted to drop you a note about how great these wheels are now that I've had some time with them. They roll beautifully and climb even better! Thanks again for your skills and advice throughout.  Best, Toby

Hey Casey, the wheels are holding up tight!  Absolutely fantastic!  This wheel set is totally eye catching and I still haven't seen anyone came close to mine.  Toshi (Japan)

Casey, All is good with the wheels.  I have put 1135 miles on them and they are still completely true, as near as I can tell.  I like them very much.  I plan on bringing them to you in May (or so) before I do my annual trek from SF to LA, if they need any work.  Thanks.  Tom