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We are a small shop providing custom wheels, tune ups, shock service and custom bike builds.  We also carry the supplies you’ll need to keep you riding.  Stop in and check us out!


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Our Services

Tune Ups

We charge $60 for tune-ups that will have your bike shining, shifting and braking the way it was intended to.  The cost of parts, if needed, is extra. If your bike is muddy we add $10 to wash.

Special orders

We have most essential items in stock, but if there is something you don’t see just let us know.  We can normally get what you need in a few days.

Suspension/Disc service

We charge $30 for shocks and $50 for forks to change the oil, clean and re-lube the seals.  We charge $15 to bleed each disc brake.  The cost of parts is extra.

wheel builds

If you bring your parts to us we charge $55 per wheel to build.  If we provide the parts the cost is retail on parts minus 5%, plus Maine sales tax.

bike builds

We are now working with OPEN!  Our custom builds include gravel, full suspension, and fat bikes.  If interested, come in and talk to us.

tire repair

We charge $10 labor and the cost of a tube to fix flats.  Most can be fixed while you wait.  We also do tubeless conversions. The cost to convert each wheel is $30 ($10 labor, $5 sealant, $5 tape and $10 valve stem).

Casey Ford, Owner

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Store Hours

Tue – Fri 10:00 to 5:30

Sat 10:00 to 2:00

KB Wheels

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