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Why are custom handbuilt wheels better than the OEM wheels that came on your bike? Imagine you went into a shoe store and said, “I’d like to try on a pair of shoes in size 11.” The clerk says, “Sorry, we only sell shoes in size 8.” Sounds silly but guess what, when you buy a bike you get a “one-size-fits-all” wheel set, whether your frame is XL, XS, or anything in between. That just doesn’t make sense! The reason OEM wheel suppliers can get away with this is that a wheel is an incredibly strong structure and can stand up to a lot of abuse. You may be able to ride wheels that don’t fit for some time, but the bottom line is this, a poor fitting wheel under performs just like a poor fitting shoe. At KB Wheels we custom design each wheel for you, your bike, where you ride and how you ride. There is a wheel that fits you perfectly and we’d like to custom build it for you!