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Bola Carbon Rim Review

At KB Wheels we strive to provide the best wheels at the best price. For independent builders like me, the best prices for carbon rims are found in China, period. But do these rims also produce the best wheels? To verify the quality for myself I’ve been ordering from...

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Are Wide Rims Better?

Every year the bicycle industry comes out with new and "improved" products.  Honestly, most times I can't tell the difference between the old and the new and improved versions.  Sometimes I even like the old version more.  A few years back the next big thing was wider...

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One Size Fits All?

Why are custom handbuilt wheels better than the OEM wheels that came on your bike? Imagine you went into a shoe store and said, "I'd like to try on a pair of shoes in size 11." The clerk says, "Sorry, we only sell shoes in size 8." Sounds silly but guess what, when...

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