KB Wheels is a bicycle wheel shop specializing in custom hand build mountain bike, road bike, and gravel bike applications.  Every wheel we build is a compilation of components specific to you.  We purchase our components from top hub and rim manufactures or their distributers.   Each hub, rim and spoke can be ordered with multiple variations, like color, spoke hole count, width, axle type, double butted or bladed.  Taken together the number of possible combinations for a wheel set is staggering, and we have learned to order only what we need.  This limits our inventory but allows us to offer the newest version of the product that fits YOUR needs perfectly.  It also saves operating costs which we pass on to you.  We strive to meet a delivery goal of 10 business days.

Use our Price Calculator and compare our costs for a wheelset to others in the industry, then contact us with to begin the conversation about a new custom handbuilt wheelset.