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How Do I Purchase KB Wheels?

To get you on the perfect set of wheels I’ll need to know a few things, like; what’s motivating you to get a new wheel set, what kind of terrain do you typically ride, what is your body type/size, and what is the make/model of your bike.  Next we take that information and select the perfect components and spoke lacing to individually fit you.   Then I send an invoice through PayPal for half payment.  Once I receive that payment, I order the components and build the wheels.  This takes around two or three weeks. Throughout that time, I keep you updated on my progress.   Once I’ve finished building, I invoice you for the remaining balance.  When the balance is received I ship or deliver depending on your location.

Why do I do it this way?  Because it’s the most economical business model and you get a perfect set of wheels and pay less.  The reality is there are too many options with hubs, rims, and spokes to stock everything.  Maintaining a large inventory is expensive, and that cost is passed on to the customer.  Then there is the temptation to push over stocked items or last year’s models that didn’t sell.  In my opinion, waiting three weeks for a set of wheels built with the exact components and design to meet your individual fit, all at low cost, is better than getting a set tomorrow built from the components that just happen to be on the shelf.

I do charge sales tax to California residents and shipping where applicable on top of the prices you see on the Price Calculator.  I warranty my wheels for one year from purchase against any defects in materials or my labor.  Some of my component suppliers also carry warranties beyond that.  I will also perform tune ups for free during that year if you can get your wheels to me.  So if you are interested in a custom hanbuilt wheel set or just have questions about your current set, please contact me using the below form.

Have a great ride today!


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