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About KB Wheels

A Little Background

I’m a wheel builder certified by DT Swiss at the United Bicycle Institute, and owner of KB Wheels.  I’m also a Professional Civil Engineer licensed in the State of California and life long cyclist.  In my younger years my passion was racing criteriums, but as a Cat 3 I finally had to admit I wasn’t going to make a living at it!  So in 1981 I enrolled in the College of Engineering at the University of Utah and continued to race locally for fun.  (It was also during this time that I built my first set of wheels.)  I always believed my background as a racer and engineer put me in a unique position to build high quality wheels for mountain, road and gravel bikes.  So in 2014 (with my engineering career winding down and retirement on the horizon) I decided to start KB Wheels from my home in Auburn, California.    After 4 years of successfully growing the business from home I decided to take the next step and move to a brick and mortar shop.    To be near family and minimize the cost of doing business, we moved everything to Maine.

In Maine my shop is located in the Upper Village in Yarmouth.  Despite the cold weather in winter, cycling is very popular here.  The roads provide some of the Nation’s best scenery, and there are tons of great mountain bike trails too The shop is in a great location and I’m excited to finally have a storefront.  Custom wheels are still a priority but now I have more opportunity to offer accessories.    So to all the cyclists in the area please stop by and check out the new shop; I would love the opportunity to build the best set of wheels you have ever ridden.

Cheers, Casey Ford