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The KB Wheels Business Model

UPDATE!  KB Wheels has leased a new location at 298 Main Street in Yarmouth, Maine.  The plan is to open the shop on November 1, 2018.  I will be selling wheel related accessories as well as building custom wheelsets.  The contact information is still the same for now.  Hope to see you in the shop soon!

To get you on the perfect set of wheels I’ll need to know a few things, like; what your goals are for a new wheel set, what type of terrain do you typically ride, your body type/size, the make/model of your bike, and finally your budget.  Next we take that information and select the perfect components and spoke lacing to individually fit you.   Then I send an invoice through PayPal for half payment.  Once I receive that payment, I order the components and build the wheels.  This takes around two or three weeks. Throughout that time, I keep you updated on my progress.   Once I’ve finished building, I invoice you for the remaining balance.  When the balance is received I ship or deliver depending on your location.

Why do I do it this way?  Because it’s the business model that makes it possible for you to get a set of wheels perfectly tailored to you at the lowest cost.  The reality is there are too many options with hubs, rims, and spokes to stock everything.  Maintaining a large inventory is expensive, and the shops that have that inventory passed their costs on to you.  Also, over stocked items or last year’s models that didn’t sell don’t exist with me.  In my opinion, waiting three weeks for a set of wheels built with the latest components designed to meet your individual needs, all at low cost, is better than getting a set tomorrow built from the components that just happen to be on the shelf.

I do charge sales tax and shipping where applicable on top of the prices you see on the Price Calculator.  I warranty my wheels for one year from purchase against any defects in materials or my labor.  Some of my component suppliers also carry warranties beyond that.  I will also perform tune ups for free during that year if you can get your wheels to me.  So if you are interested in a custom hanbuilt wheel set or just have questions about your current set, please contact me using the below form.

Have a great ride today!



Customer Comments

“Casey – the wheels were great! The Hope hubs rolled really smooth, and the Pacenti rims held the tubeless tires really well. Being a gravel novice I really appreciated your valuable advice on component selection and spec. First event was Dirty Kanza 200, which apart from storm delays, mud, wind and then train delays went really smoothly – equipment wise at least! I ran Clement 36 mso tubeless on the wheels and thankfully had no issues with punctures or burping. Despite a relentless headwind on the homeward leg, I hit my target of beating the sun. So thank you again, and I will certainly recommend you where I can.” – Brian

“Casey, Rode to Panera on Bell Road this morning with the new wheels. Results: Ran about 5 lbs less pressure on both tires – ride was more smooth and felt very secure. I noticed was I rolling faster – when all were coasting downhill I would have to brake. On my old wheels I would typically lag. On the way down Mt. Vernon I passed the lead rider about half way down – never touched the brakes again. It was like the bike was on rails – solid and secure. Bottom line – I love ‘em.” – Bob

“Hi Casey.  Had my first ride yesterday and it was fantastic.  Thanks again on yet another great wheelset.  You’re talented at what you do!
Happy Holidays” – Cody

“Hi Casey, I hope you had a great fourth of July. I just wanted to drop you a note about how great these wheels are now that I’ve had some time with them. They roll beautifully and climb even better! Thanks again for your skills and advice throughout.” – Toby

“Casey, I mounted new Continental Gatorskins (28s) on the wheels.  I did my normal short training ride at lunch today.  Felt like a new bike.  Very sturdy and smooth wheels.  The White Industries hub has an excellent sound as well.  Very pleased and job well done.” – Dave

“If you’re ever considering custom wheels, or any wheels, for that matter, I really recommend Casey Ford from KB Wheels. I started talking with him because I couldn’t get the hub/rim combo I wanted on a stock wheelset; he convinced me that this combination was a better choice (Boyd Altamont Lite aluminum rims with Powertap G3 and 20/24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes). And it’s beautiful!” – Eric

“Last fall I had Casey Ford of KBWheels.com build up a set of race wheels for my son. We used the CarbonCycle.cc Asymetric 29er rim with a 22mm inner diameter, hookless, 360 gram, a set of hubs from Onyx Racing Products, and Sapim D-Light spokes. During the course of a long season of racing and training my son managed to break the axle and crack the rear drop out of the frame. Despite the high volume rough riding that broke everything around the wheel, the wheels are still in super shape. Over all we could not be happier with the results from this build.” – Jared

“Casey, All is good with the wheels. I have put 1135 miles on them and they are still completely true, as near as I can tell. I like them very much. I plan on bringing them to you in May (or so) before I do my annual trek from SF to LA, if they need any work. Thanks.” – Tom

“Hey Casey, the wheels are holding up tight! Absolutely fantastic! This wheel set is totally eye catching and I still haven’t seen anyone came close to mine.” – Toshi (Japan)

You can reach me at Casey@kbwheels.com or 207-232-5066.  If you happen to be in Yarmouth, Maine feel welcome to stop by but phone first to make sure we’re not out riding!  Casey at KB Wheels.